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  1. I have been to bounce house twice once with my grandchildren and second with The staff is awesome and diligent to make sure no child goes outside by themselves. I love the fact that they have snacks available to purchase.
    My grandchildren really love mpbounce house and can’t wait to visit again.
    I recommend MPBounce House to anyone who has children that are looking for their kids to have a fun and safe place to do it in.

    1. The only outside food we allow is cake or cup cakes. We do offer food as an option that is not included in the package price. If you book a private party we will allow outside food. If you have any questions give us a call.

  2. There is no charge for adults to enter the bounce house when bringing in their children. However, only one parent is allowed, during their full visit, to bounce with their toddler (child must be under 5) to make sure they are safe.

    Party packages do not charge bounce fees for adults. The party price is a “package price” based on the reservation and the amount of space needed. It is a facility fee, not a bounce fee. Reserved parties are guaranteed space for all their guests thus it is charged per cost to use the facility, the party space, the amount of employees needed during parties, and the costs of all that is supplied.

  3. What if you want to have a party but not purchase the party package due to only have half the amount of kids(5 kids) the package accommodates. Also, can you bring you cake, utensils, napkins, juice and ice cream in absent of the party packages?

    1. Hello,

      In your case, the best way to enjoy some bouncing or golfing fun is to purchase admission for the children where they can play and have fun for an hour or two and have your party at another location. Unfortunately there is no outside food nor a party set up allowed without the purchase of a party package. Some parents in the same situation have come in and purchased hot dogs and ice cream sitting at the snack area. But without a party package, there is no guarantee of seating. Please feel free to call and ask for a manager and see if there is something that we can work out for you to purchase our smallest party package.

      Happy Bouncing!

      MP management

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